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DHRP’s Cyber Security Solution for Enterprise and Small Business

Get advanced security online with the best threat locking, backup, and synchronized security.

Minimize Cyberthreats and Achieve the Utmost Efficiency of Your Business Operations 

As digitization takes new steps, cyberthreats evolve with it. It continues to affect various types of businesses, stealing their data and breaching organizations. However, CSaaS solutions can offer reliable security features to keep blocking these threats and safeguard your customer data. A good partner who has specialized cybersecurity expertise can help you streamline your business operations. 

Once you have a good solution, you must expect fewer cybersecurity incidents while maintaining a more amazing cybersecurity stance. DHRP, as a partner to cybersecurity experts such as Acronis, Veeam, and ThreatLocker, ensures that your company’s cybersecurity is intact at every level. We have Microsoft Dynamics 365 security experts to aid your integration solutions.


Features of DHRP's Cybersecurity as a Service


By following the latest Dynamics 365 firewall rules, DHRP has firewall plans for your organization to keep all internal and external data protected from data breaches for your company.

Visibility and Protection

Deep Packet Inspection:

Xstream DPI engine scans for various threats in real time.

Zero-Day and ML Protection:

Sophos Firewall uses machine learning to instantly identify and prevent new threats.

Cloud Sandbox:

Sophos employs a cloud sandbox with deep learning for real-time zero-day threat protection.

Web Protection:

Sophos’ engine blocks the latest web threats using innovative technologies.

Synchronized Security:

Security Heartbeat automates responses and isolates threats for enhanced security.

Active Threat Protection:

Sophos Firewall responds immediately to active threats, preventing lateral movement.

User Identity:

Sophos offers user identity-based policies and risk analysis for network protection.

Application Control:

Gain complete visibility and control over network applications with deep-packet scanning.

Web Control:

Sophos provides full visibility and control over web traffic with flexible enforcement tools.

Content Control:

Implement user-based monitoring and control of keyword and downloadable content.

Business Applications:

Combine next-gen firewall with a web application firewall for critical business app protection.

Email and Data:

Sophos protects email from spam, phishing, and data loss with all-in-one measures.

Networking and Access


Xstream SD-WAN in Sophos Firewall simplifies connectivity, quality assurance, security, and continuity goals.

Central SD-WAN Orchestration:

Sophos Central cloud services management streamlines complex site-to-site network setup for simplicity.

Site-to-Site VPN:

Sophos Firewall supports various VPN technologies, including resilient layer 2 RED tunnels, ensuring secure and standardized connections.


Sophos Firewall seamlessly integrates with Sophos Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for secure user connections to essential applications and data.

Remote Access VPN:

In addition to ZTNA, Sophos Firewall supports traditional remote access through the Sophos Connect VPN client.


Sophos’ exclusive SD-RED (Remote Ethernet Device) offers a cost-effective, secure edge access device for SD-Branch, SOHO, and industrial control solutions.

Wireless Controller:

Embedded in Sophos Firewall, the integrated wireless controller facilitates secure wireless network deployment, all managed from a unified console.

Core Networking:

Sophos Firewall provides advanced enterprise-grade networking technology for NAT, routing, and bridging, ensuring strong core networking capabilities.


Sophos Firewall offers flexible segmentation options through zones and VLANs, enhancing protection against lateral movement by separating trust levels within the network.

Management and Reporting

Sophos Central Management:

Control, report, and deploy Sophos products seamlessly from one console with Sophos Central.

Central SD-WAN Orchestration:

Simplify site-to-site SD-WAN overlay network setup through cloud management in Sophos Central.

Central Firewall Reporting:

Customize network activity views and threat insights across your entire network with Central Firewall Reporting Advanced.

Dashboard and Alerts:

Sophos Firewall’s control center provides crucial network information security updates for quick response to changes.

Free Reporting:

Sophos Firewall offers free on-box and limited cloud-based reporting.

High Availability:

Ensure maximum resilience and performance with Sophos Firewall’s support for high-availability deployments.

Cybersecurity as a Service:

Integrate with Sophos Firewall for 24/7 Managed Threat Detection and Response service (MDR).

Secure data backup

The cyber threat landscape is sometimes unrecognized as the world gets global, but it is better to be prepared. Therefore, we offer features to provide the best security in ERP data backup systems. It keeps your data safe and accessible anytime. 

Built for speed:

Veeam offers swift, image-based backups leveraging snapshots for efficient data protection.

Portable by design:

Veeam’s backup format is designed for portability across cloud platforms, ensuring flexibility in data management.

Easy to control:

Veeam provides an intuitive UI and user-friendly tools for administrators at all levels to handle data control effortlessly.

Protect everything:

Automated discovery and backup of VMs, servers, applications, and databases, including Kubernetes, ensure comprehensive data protection.

Speak the native language:

Experience fast, low-impact backups through seamless integration with native tools like Microsoft VSS, Oracle RMAN, SAP Backint, and Kubernetes API.

Data stays safe:

Ensure 100% ransomware-proof backups with S3 Object Lock functionality, offering immutable backups for protection against evolving threats.

Flexible storage options:

Use Veeam Ready Alliance Partner systems for high-performance main backup, object, and tape storage.

Scale with ease:

Integrate any storage into the Scale-out Backup Repository for a convenient and logical pool targeted for backups.

It Just Works:

Ensure safe recovery with automatically tested, reliable backups, detecting cyber threats and incorrect configurations for a robust recovery strategy.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud:

Provides crucial endpoint protection and a security controls management toolkit for seamless centralized administration and enhanced cybersecurity.

Advanced Security + EDR:

Eliminates the need for multiple products, ensuring unmatched business continuity with a single-click response to incidents where point solutions fall short.

Advanced Security:

Offers comprehensive defense against diverse cyber threats, ensuring quick and effective responses to potential incidents for enhanced data safety.

Advanced Management:

Enables fail-safe patching, real-time troubleshooting via remote desktop, and secure cyber scripting, ensuring superior control in a single solution.

Advanced Automation:

Maximizes business efficiency “from Quote-to-Cash” with enhanced resource utilization, proactive SLA management, and streamlined operations.

Advanced Backup:

Features unique capabilities like the data protection map and automatic data classification for robust compliance reporting, proactive monitoring, and real-time backup.

Advanced Disaster Recovery:

Simplifies disaster recovery with seamless orchestration and automatic failover to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Advanced Email Security:

Successfully protects email communication by preventing spam, phishing, BEC, malware, APTs, and zero-day exploits from reaching end users.

Advanced DLP:

Protects sensitive data from being leaked through peripheral devices and network channels with automatic, client-specific DLP policy development.

Advanced File Sync and Share:

Improves the pay-as-you-go file sync and share service with capabilities such as file notarization, verification, and seamless eSigning for increased control and compliance.

Data Protection Solutions

All with one with DHRP’s cyber threat protection plan. One plan can give you complete probation from the operation system to advance security for your cloud.

Servers Endpoints Protection

ThreatLocker’s Zero Trust Platform safeguards users, devices, and networks from zero-day vulnerabilities with a unified approach.

24/7/365 Support:

Security support is available 24/7 with a rapid 69-second response time.

Restricted Storage:

Effectively manage permissions with Threatlocker’s storage limitations.

firewall (1)
Comprehensive Threat Protection:

Safeguard against all types of threats, including viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance:

Aid in meeting diverse regulatory standards such as NIST, HIPAA, CIS, and PCI.

Ransomware Protection:

Enhance security against data leaks on ransomware sites.


Protect against exploits using allowlisting and Ringfencing based on a Zero Trust principle.

Incident Response:

Prepare for challenges with Incident Response for a swift and effective resolution.

Get in touch

If your systems are still not upgraded and need professional attention in cybersecurity solution implementation, DHRP has all the experience and tools for you to get through it.

At DHRP, the data security systems are deployed after analyzing your current systems and their safety conditions. The purpose of the analytical evaluation before integrating these solutions into Microsoft Dynamics 365 is only to ensure data protection and customer satisfaction. So, reach out today for cybersecurity plans. 

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