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Aged Care

Are You Struggling with the Management of Aged Care Processes?

Let us tell you that there is a system to help you handle a complete cycle of aged care. Yes, from getting patients onboard to assigning doctors and keeping track of each step of care facilities – you can do it all with one system only. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

brings functional completeness to you

DHRP is well-known for its solutions for Dynamics 365 solution with the feature-loaded Add-ons. When combined, they can give you a seamless solution for aged care. It provides industry-specific capabilities to integrate your people and processes within a unified enterprise solution. The system can also interact with current third-party apps and data sources, giving you a single point of truth.

Add-Ons to Help You Navigate Seamlessly through the Circle of Aged Care Process 

Dynamics 365 provides a centralized platform for managing all areas of an organization’s operations, including finance, supply chain management, human resources, and customer management. Routine processes such as billing, invoicing, and payment processing are automated, which reduces manual errors and boosts efficiency.

Dynamics 365 is easily connected with other Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, Power BI, and Azure, providing aged care providers with a unified user experience.

Moreover, improving the elderly’s experience at aged care facilities is critical to their survival in an ever-changing environment. This solution is loaded with capabilities that allow you to create a repository of all the elderly’s needs while maintaining a customer-centric approach. For further betterment, DHRP add-ons work their magic and improve the capabilities and features of the system. 

community care

Community Care

Home Care Packages provides a customizable suite of services to support seniors living independently at home. These services can include personal care, nursing, therapy, and assistance with daily tasks, allowing seniors to age comfortably and safely in their own homes. 

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) helps older Australians stay independent at home. It offers basic support like housekeeping, personal care, transport, and social connection, promoting well-being and a continued sense of community. 

Ensuring mobility and social connection for your transportation services. It assists in tracking and managing rides offered to medical appointments, social events, and essential errands, empowering individuals to stay active and engaged in their communities. 

Our Consumer-Directed Care feature within community care empowers your patient and their family to tailor their care plan. They can choose the services that best suit their needs, promoting independence and a greater sense of control over their well-being. 

Community care ensures a diverse culture. Regardless of your background or language, patients and practitioners can communicate smoothly and without any communication gap between them.  

Introducing wellness and reablement programs to help patients enjoy a more active and independent lifestyle at home. This program enables patients to regain authority over their health and improve their well-being on their own with healthcare professional guidance.  

Aged care providers offer coordination and case management services to best meet each person’s unique needs, creating a holistic approach to care. 

Compliance with quality and safety standards becomes easy with dHRP’s add-on communication feature. Track regulatory needs and ensure their accessibility at every step.  

Social support keeps you connected as you build your own connection and fight loneliness with your peers by enjoying outings and social activities in groups.  

Enhance safety and empower aging individuals to live independently with our support for assistive technologies and home modifications. 

Residential Care: 

Residents receive continuous assistance with daily activities, personal care, and health needs, promoting a safe and comfortable living environment. 

Residents have their own private rooms or share comfortable spaces with communal areas for socializing and activities. 

Access to a range of healthcare services, including nursing care, medication management, wound care, and more. 

Help with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, and mobility to ensure continued well-being. 

Residents enjoy delicious meals tailored to their dietary needs and preferences. You can keep track of meals and needs and prepare them according to them.  

Organized social and leisure programs promote resident interaction and mental well-being – ensuring modern treatments with diagnosis.  

Manage and cater to the needs of the services from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to address specific health and rehabilitation needs. 

Leverage this feature to offer comfort-based care. Palliative care focuses on pain management and comfort for terminally ill residents, ensuring a peaceful journey. 

Keep the dementia patients under special supervision as you offer secure environments, tailored activities, and trained staff to care for residents with dementia. 

Cultivate the empathy culture. Provides support for residents and families during the final stages of life, ensuring comfort and dignity. 

Short-term care provides temporary relief for family caregivers or allows individuals to experience residential care on a trial basis. 

By keeping the timetable on point and under supervision, you can ensure residents receive their medications on time and in a safe manner. 

Case management coordinates care across healthcare professionals and families for a personalized approach. 


Imagine having a personalized budget for your disability support. NDIS provides just that, allowing you to choose the exact services and tools that empower you to achieve your goals. 

NDIS flips the script on traditional support systems. You and your family take center stage, crafting a plan that reflects your aspirations and identifies the perfect support to get you there. 

Gone are the days of pre-determined support options. NDIS grants you the freedom to choose the providers and services that best suit your needs and preferences, creating a truly personalized support experience. 

Navigating the disability support system can be overwhelming. NDIS offers a helping hand through support coordinators who act as your personal guides, connecting you with the right providers and ensuring your plan runs smoothly. 

NDIS recognizes the importance of timely support. By intervening early, the scheme aims to prevent challenges from escalating and pave the way for a brighter future. 

Participants can access a variety of allied health services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other therapeutic support to address their specific needs. 

NDIS understands that sometimes your environment needs adjustments. Funding is available for assistive technology and home modifications, transforming your surroundings into a space that fosters independence. 

Life is more fulfilling when you’re connected. NDIS supports your participation in social and recreational activities, helping you build meaningful connections within your community. 

Caring for someone can be demanding. NDIS acknowledges this by offering respite care services, providing temporary breaks for family members and caregivers, allowing them to recharge and continue providing excellent support. 

NDIS recognizes that everyone’s needs are unique. The scheme offers culturally sensitive services, ensuring CALD participants receive support that is tailored to their background and preferences. 

Your needs may change over time. NDIS plans are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and effective. Adjustments are made as needed, guaranteeing your support system adapts to your journey. 

mental health

Mental Health: 

Aged care goes beyond physical needs. Holistic assessments ensure mental health is a priority, identifying and addressing psychological concerns for optimal well-being. 

Access to specialists isn’t a luxury. NDIS provides mental health professionals to tackle conditions like depression and dementia, offering targeted support. 

Forget one-size-fits-all. Person-centered care tailors plan to each individual’s preferences, values, and mental health needs, ensuring a truly personalized approach. 

Therapeutic programs aren’t just about physical activity. They promote mental well-being through social engagement and cognitive stimulation, keeping minds active and spirits high. 

Staff training goes beyond tasks. By recognizing mental health signs and offering effective communication, caregivers become a supportive bridge between residents and well-being. 

Collaboration with external mental health professionals broadens the support system. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors offer specialized interventions when needed. 

Dementia care isn’t just about daily tasks. Specialized care and support create dementia-friendly environments, activities, and training for staff, allowing residents to thrive despite cognitive challenges. 

Culture shapes us all. Culturally sensitive care recognizes the diverse backgrounds of residents and their impact on mental well-being, ensuring everyone feels valued and understood. 

Social isolation is a mental health enemy. Community engagement activities foster a sense of belonging and purpose, helping residents connect and feel part of something bigger. 

Social isolation is a mental health enemy. Community engagement activities foster a sense of belonging and purpose, helping residents connect and feel part of something bigger. 

Technology isn’t just for entertainment. Integrating technology allows mental health monitoring, cognitive training, and improved communication with loved ones, keeping residents connected and engaged. 

Trauma can have lasting effects. Trauma-informed care recognizes this, enabling staff to offer sensitive support and respond to potential trauma triggers effectively. 

Regular mental health assessments are crucial for early intervention. By monitoring changes in well-being, care plans can be adjusted to ensure ongoing support. 

Grief and loss are a part of life. Aged care provides support and counseling for residents facing these challenges and extends a helping hand to families during difficult times. 

Psychotropic medications, when prescribed, require safe and proper management. Regular reviews by healthcare professionals ensure medication effectiveness and minimize side effects. 

Mental health rights matter at every age. Aged care advocates for these rights, ensuring residents’ preferences are respected, choices are honored, and access to mental health services is equitable. 

Key Features of Dynamics 365 in Aged Care Add-Ons

Below are the key features of Dynamics 365 tailored for the Aged Care sector:


In aged care, referrals connect seniors to services. Doctors, social workers, family, or even the senior themselves can initiate referrals.

Refer in

In dynamics365 Finance and Operations, we consider two types of referrals. The first one is Refer in. Refer in (Refer in form shows incoming referrals that are directly received from the assessment team to the service provider).

Refer in
Refer on:

It is the second type of referral. Refer on (Refer on are Retrieve referrals. In this case, the government provides a “Referral code” to the recipient, and then they will find their service provider by themselves.)

Refer On
Referral Master page

This is the page where you can find all the information on referrals. This is the information that the referral form contains. It provides you address, social profile, carer profile, etc. 

Referral Master Page
 Clinical Summary updated in Referral form

In the clinical summary tab all the details of the recipient “clinical service” are mentioned by the assessor. It can be about clinical alerts and all the latest clinical information in a referral form. 

Clinical Summary updated in Referral form
Referral history detail receive from referrals.

This tab gives you all the information about the referral, including the history, assessment details, and any other additional details.

Referral history detail receive from referrals
Dynamics 365 Aged Care
Open view of referral details

This feature allows authorized users to easily access and view all the details associated with a referral, including code, ID, referred by referred date, and a lot more. 

Open view of referral details
Open view of referral details 1
Service goal of referrals

This tab shows the service goals against all the referrals.

Service goal of referrals
Program Budget of Referrals

This is the tab for defining budget referrals, including all the program’s finances and detailed expenses.

Program Budget of Referrals
Open view of Program Budget

The Open view of the Program Budget in the referrals tab of Aged Care in Dynamics 365 allows you to see a comprehensive breakdown of the budget allocated to a specific program for aged care services. 

Open view of Program Budget
Referral status mention in referral form

The Referral form contains these three types of “status “to perform an action against the received referral. Whether it is “Refer in” or “Refer on”.

Referral status mention in referral form
Attachment on referral form

When we sink out all the data of referrals from the “provider portal” to dynamics, the attachments attached to the referral will be sunk on this attachment link.

Attachment on referral form
Attachment on referral form 1
Refer on (Retrieve Referral form)

This shows you the referrals list just like shown in the image, with their complete details, due date of service, and priority. 

Refer on Retrieve Referral form
Service in place

The referrals that are accepted by the service provider and proceed to provide services to the recipients those referrals will sink out into the “Service in place” form.

Service in Place
Rejected referrals.

It shows that the referrals that are rejected by the service provider will be added in the “Rejected form” list.

Rejected referrals
 Waitlist referral

The referrals that are on hold status will be sunk out into the “Waitlist referral” form.

Waitlist referral
Revoke referrals

Referrals that are accepted but later they will be rejected by the provider will start showing in the “Revoke referrals” form.

Revoke referrals

Recipient Tab

In aged care, recipient information refers to the personal and demographic details of an individual who is receiving care or services in the aged care system. This information is essential for effectively providing and managing care, ensuring the safety and well-being of the recipient, and maintaining accurate records. Recipient information typically includes the following:

Recipient Master Page

By clicking on a specific recipient, we will have screens which are given below: Recipient Master page contains all the data of the recipient received by the provider through referrals.

2.1 Recipient profile

Provides a detailed view of the recipient’s background and needs. This profile is based on all the information and any concerns raised by the recipient.

Recipent Profile
Recipent Profile 1
Recipent Profile 2
Recipent Profile 3
Recipent Profile 4

2.2 Setups for Recipient Profile

Additional configurations related to the recipient’s profile.

Veteran Status
Indigenous Status
Ethnic origins
Recipient concern
Recipient functions
Service goal
Service goal 1

2.3 Attachments

Similar to Referral Attachments, this section stores electronic documents specific to the recipient, such as medical records or power-of-attorney documents.

Attachements 1
Attachements 2

2.4 Designs for Recipient Information

Specific details about various aspects of the recipient’s life.

Designs for Recipient Information
Accomodation 1
Bank Account
Bank Account 1
Bank Disbursement
Identification Number
Injury or illness incident
Injury or illness incident 1
Loan Equipement
Loan Equipement 1
Recipent Contact
Recipent Contact 1
Benefits 1

2.5 Actions

Allows authorized personnel to manage a recipient’s service status. Managers can Discharge (ending services), Suspend (pausing services temporarily), and Reinstate (resuming services after suspension).


2.5.1 Discharge

Marks the recipient as no longer needing care.


On clicking the discharge recipient button, a pop-up window will appear with a warning as shown below:

Discharge 1 Setup for discharge reason

This tab defines the reason for discharge against each entry.

Setup for discharge reason

2.5.2 Suspend

Restarts services for a suspended recipient.


On clicking the suspend recipient button a pop-up window will appear with a warning as shown below:

Suspend 1

2.5.3 Reinstate

Restarts services for a suspended recipient.


On clicking the reinstate recipient button, a pop-up window will appear with a warning as shown below:

Reinstate 1

2.6 Design For Vouchers 

Managers gift vouchers allocated to recipients for additional services or items. Manage everything from creating vouchers to tracking their status and recipients.

Design for Vouchers

2.6.1 Gift Vouchers

Tracks the process of creating, approving, sending, and managing gift vouchers.

Gift Vouchers

After creating a voucher for the recipient, the case manager will submit the workflow for the approval of the gift voucher from the admin.

Gift Vouchers 1

After submitting the workflow voucher, the status will be changed to “In review”.

Gift Vouchers 2

The status will change to approved when the case manager receives the voucher approval from the admin.

Gift Vouchers 3
Gift Vouchers 4

By clicking on “Recipient Communication,” the approved voucher will be sent to the recipient through email. 

Gift Vouchers 5
Gift Vouchers 6
Gift Vouchers 9

After sending an email to the recipient, the voucher status will be changed to “sent”.

2.6.2 Setup screen for gift voucher

This is the screen for setting up a gift voucher. Here, you can add all the details and explain the voucher’s purpose. 

Setup screen for gift voucher

2.7 Design For Item task

Likely deals with managing tasks or services related to specific items the recipient needs. Manages the process of obtaining and delivering specific services or equipment for the recipient by Requesting quotes from providers, defining service goals, and tracking progress.

2.7.1  Quotation

ONI(Ongoing need identification)

It involves regularly reviewing and confirming the identity and eligibility of recipients to ensure they continue to meet the requirements for receiving government-funded aged care.

3.1 Functional summary

This tab offers the functional summary of all the recipients in a list form with all of their details including ID and other details. 

3.1.1 Setup for Functional Category 

This is the tab where you can enter the details of recipients and set up a list as you need.

3.2 Living arrangements

Here you will define living arrangements against each person. 

3.3 Carer profile

The Carer profile is where you get to see the details of the carers. The ones available or assigned. 

3.3.1 Setup screens for carer profile

 Sets schedules for carer visits and standardizes time allocation for different tasks. (Creates rosters and assigns typical times for specific care needs)

3.4 Health condition

It is the feature to ensure the reports of each service recipient are intact and all the health condition details are stored properly. 

3.4.1 Health condition setup

Defines various health conditions that can be tracked for the care recipient. (Creates a list of possible health concerns)

3.5 Psychological profile

It is where each recipient has a metal condition profile for medical record keeping. 

3.5.1 Setup for Psychosocial profile

Establishes categories for assessing the recipient’s mental and emotional well-being. (Defines areas to monitor mental health)

3.6 Health Behaviors

This is the tab to keep the health behavior records of each recipient in a list. 

3.7 Core ONI

This is the basic profile or record of each recipient with all standard and service details at each place. Records essential recipient information for ongoing identification and eligibility checks.

3.7.1 Setup For Core ONI

Birthplace, Insurance status, Indigenous status

Here you will find background information such as birthplace, insurance status and indigenous status to track special care needs. 


Clinical care encompasses a range of activities aimed at promoting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of older adults. Here are some key aspects of clinical care in aged care in Australia:


This is where you can gather all the relevant notes for each service and recipient’s case. 

4.6 Case notes

This is to gather the case notes for all the doctors and other administrative to see and observe. 

4.7 Operational Notes

Operational notes are to defines the associated operation against each case or clinical need of recipient. 

4.8 Progress notes

Progress notes are to keep the track of each patient’s or aged individual’s progress in overall health through given care services. 


Details Referral details exist in the recipient form. You can click each recipient to view all the relevant referral details for that individual.

Supplement tab for Recipient Master Page

Supplements are designed to address specific needs or circumstances and are provided on top of the regular funding allocated for aged care programs. These supplements aim to enhance the quality of care and support provided to aged care recipients. Here you can see a supplement tab in an image:

6.1 Oxygen & Enteral Feeding Supplement

This defines the need of the recipient for oxygen and eternal feeding supplement. 

6.2 Home care viability supplements

This is where you will add or view the details on the home care viability supplement that the individual will be getting at home. 

6.3 Hardship supplement

A tab to explain the hardship supplement for each recipient.

6.4.1 Setups for Supplements

You can use setup to create the supplement details for each recipient. Following are the types of supplements. You can define each as needed. 

Attachments tab

Centralized location for all electronic documents related to the recipient.

Budget Tab in Recipient

Tracks the program budget allocated for the recipient’s care services.

Welcome Recipient Wizard

Streamlines the intake process by guiding users through specific steps for different care types (home care, NDIS, etc.).

9.1 Home care Wizard

It is where you get the details of home care services offered to the recipient. 

9.1.1 Recipient details

This is to define all the recipient details, from their personal information to the services provided.

9.1.2 Contact Details

This is the tab for the recipient’s detailed contact information. Add to store it for future.

9.1.3 Bank details

Here you will be adding the bank details provided by the recipient. 

9.1.4 Disability evidence

Take details of disability evidence for accurate diagnosis.

9.1.5 Program budget

Define details to keep track of the budget for the program. 

9.1.6 Administrative detail

This tab is for administrative details such as care manager etc. 

9.1.7 Attachment

Add the attachments against the recipients as needed. 

9.3 NDIS Wizard

The Same list as the home wizard goes for the NDIS wizard. You will get each tab to add the details. 

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