Transform Your SharePoint Lists into Dataverse Tables & Power Apps Effortlessly!

SharePoint Lists

With the emergence of digital transformation, firms are continuously looking for more efficient ways to manage and use their data for app development. One key step in this direction is the combination of SharePoint Lists and Microsoft Dataverse, which heralds a new age in enterprise app development. This integration makes it easier to convert from […]

Common Missteps in ERP Implementation: 5 Pitfalls Consultants Should Avoid

ERP Implementation

ERP systems are no less than nervous systems. They function in the same manner, delivering messages from different sources to one centralized platform for further analysis. No one thinks of their failure when implementing them, but if they start to break down, we have to give them our full attention. You might not consider ERP […]

How much does an ERP implementation cost?

How much does an ERP implementation cost

The resources of any company need additions and changes from time to time. So, the companies with higher goals in vision are willing to take the challenge. But they need the cost estimates and ROI, Check the Free ERP ROI calculator before taking the plunge of investment. However, for the organization of resources, an ERP system is […]

Building a Responsive Modern Gallery in PowerApps: Step-by-Step Guide

Building a Responsive Modern Gallery in Power Apps Step-by-Step Guide 2

Power Apps provides a robust foundation for creating apps that can adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes, so developers must understand how to use these modern features efficiently. By altering the modern screen design and implementing modern features such as badges, headers, and tab lists, developers may create galleries that are not […]

Learn How D365 HR & Payroll with DHRP is Better than Employment Hero

D365 HR Payroll

When we talk about modern businesses, we can see how processes have become faster, and competition is also high. With so many options for HR solutions, it is natural for you to get stuck in the choosing process. You can get frustrated at the end and leave it be. But then again, we do not […]

Essential Insights for New ERP Consultants: 7 Lessons Learned

ERP Consultants

Nobody likes to see the project fail. Whispers about lost costs and resources haunt you. However, these failures can help future consultants learn lessons. Most often, clients are unable to manage and monitor the process, ruining their own decision-making, risk, and issue management. Moreover, if the client is dealing on a global level, the project […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Multi-Step Forms in Power Apps

Forms in Power Apps

PowerApps provides exceptional flexibility and efficiency in creating customized forms for a variety of business applications. Its ability to create multi-step forms is a significant development in user interface design, allowing developers to break down difficult data entry jobs into simpler, more manageable sequences. This improves not only the accuracy of the obtained data but […]

Top Tips for Effectively Managing Projects with Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Teams contributes to project productivity while making the work efficient and this is where Microsoft Lists adds up to increase it. People use lists to monitor project progress, facilitate user acceptability testing, and store project debriefs. Did you know lists could do all of this? If yes, then it is great; however, if not, […]

How Copilot Enhances Financial Reporting Accuracy and Efficiency

How Copilot Enhances Financial Reporting Accuracy and Efficiency

The world is consumed by data all the time so is the complexity of financial data. Teams and employees have too much on their plate and most of us wait for weekends only to be truly free of the workload. However, as Artificial Intelligence is transforming businesses in different ways, copilot finance is no different.  […]

Understanding Dynamics 365 Licensing: Essential Knowledge for New Users

Understanding Dynamics 365 Licensing Essential Knowledge for New Users 2

Are you a novice or a regular user of Microsoft Dynamics 365? Regardless of your expertise level, you will always need some expert guidance to understand licensing. It can be complicated, and with every update, it is hard to go through a long document when you only need licensing information for one application.  To help you […]